22 September 2013



Within a mere hundred years, probably less,
Practically every person now living will be long deceased,
And a new generation, perhaps several, will have arisen to take their place.
Seven billion-plus, once living and breathing and causing mischief, now fertilizing flowers.

* * * *
Those capable of thinking outside their box well know its every nook and cranny.
Every frame of reference inflates from one nature-nurture origin or another.

* * * *
Consciousness is the chaotic surf between eternity and shore.
Gravity gradually draws every existence back into its dusty origin.
Where exactly does the body end, and the universe begin?

* * * *
Adulthood is the levy
Each of us pays for childhood,
Brief as it more than likely may have been
In the 24/7/365 purgatory we have all together fashioned.
What would you give for a day free of suffering,
For a day of youthful exuberance,
Simple and free,
Before you knew anything.

* * * *
It is a garden, and you and your vanity
Are just more compost in the making.

* * * *
Self has no idea it is but through you,
Witness to the otherness of manifestation,
Witness to the unknown made known.

* * * *
Existence for the rare few is an inquiry
Into the mystery that is prior to consciousness.
For most others it is every diversion consciousness allows.

* * * *
What an every-moment daily challenge for those who are mindful,
For who would be content to endure in harmonious simplicity,
To not be drug by the senses back into the human melee,
And the "me, myself and I" illusion-delusion of it all.