21 September 2013



So you win your little revolution, what will you really do differently?
Your mindset remains untouched; the vanities of power, wealth, fame, still rule.
Personas come and go, political correctness modifies, ever-changing cultures rise and fall,
But the central mindset remains unaltered, patterns evolved long ago still reign.
The only significant paradigm shift, the only profound revolution,
Would be in the dreamtime of consciousness itself,
And, ultimately, ironically, paradoxically, poignantly,
Even that would be no more than a temporal phenomenon.

* * * *
The body is a vessel.
How you protect it, how you decorate it,
Is subject to physical necessity and the vanity of the given mythos.
There has never been a prescribed way of dressing
Favored by the eye of some god.

* * * *
No, it did not happen like that.
Even the most astute, all-powerful deity
Cannot waylay the rubric of the given playing field
To fabricate the mythological nonsense
Whirling about in your head.

* * * *
What grace is within a truly serene breath.

* * * *
In the theater of time,
The present has always been
At the mercy of its historical context.

* * * *
As challenging as it well is,
Try to remember what you truly are
As often as your dreamy center stage role allows.

* * * *
How can a mind caught in lie after lie ever discern the truth?

* * * *
The evolutionary mind, the mind wrought in jungles and plains,
Ever pursues a sense of security, a consistency, an orderliness, a refuge.
How that quest for well-being manifests is the defining force of the human condition.