21 September 2013



You cannot stop a wave headed for the shore.
You can only dive into it, stand firm and let it slam you down,
Or merge into the harsh, tumbling, swift journey
Wherever the current takes you.

* * * *
What a tiny view of god that does not include everything
Equally, indivisibly, indisputably, of the same oneness.

* * * *
Yes, it is all meaningless gibberish,
The Tower of Babble, if ever there was one.
But what else can anyone in this madhouse do, really,
But play along with all the other inmates.
We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device.

* * * *
Everything and nothing
Converging within the eternal now forever.
How quantum is that?

* * * *
Existence is a profound meditation
For them that have the wit
To muster the view.

* * * *
Dreaming wherever you are,
You are witness to your universe,
The masks and costumes ever-changing,
But the clayness ever the same.

* * * *
Arduous indeed straddling the fence
Between dreamtime and eternity,
Between mortality and immortality,
Between consciousness and nothingness.

* * * *
Why this need to believe anything, to follow anyone?
All belief systems are but the fantasia of one mind or another,
Providing answers to that in which there has never been a question.