20 September 2013



Savage impulses are potential within each and every one of us.
The choice to act or not on these passionate, desire-ridden, instinctual drives,
Brings about an evolutionary reckoning that all must face alone.

* * * *
In the vast source of all creation, where logic does not rule,
There is only one way, and one and one is ever one.
In that timeless, elemental, indivisible sea,
There is no need for the rationality
Of one and one equals two.

* * * *
Call it God, call it Tao, call it Allah, call it Brahman,
Call it by whatever sound you like,
I call it me-myself-I,
And discern in you the same.

* * * *
The world in which each of us is comfortable
Is the world each of us calls normal.
It’s a monkey-mind thing.

* * * *
Listen to elders from across the world.
There is no end to learning,
No end to wisdom.

* * * *
You are the mystery,
Forever unknown, indivisible,
One in all, all in one.

* * * *
Humankind has crossed its Rubicon.
The apex of this epoch is in the rear-view mirror.
The avalanche is very much underway.

* * * *
The moral argument that those who have
Should help those who have not
Must be balanced by those who have not
Taking responsibility, to whatever degree they are able,
For the many choices they have made in the jungle of any current time.