09 September 2013



Why would it possibly matter
If anyone else discerns this one and only truth?
That you have realized you are the source, that you are awake, is enough.
Many are called, few are chosen, and fewer still volunteer.
You will heed the call if you are inclined.
If not, party on.

* * * *
The universe is but a dance of imagination.
You are the singularity, the witness that never sleeps,
Unborn, untainted by creation or destruction,
Or the ever-changing dream between.

* * * *
One drop in an ocean of indivisibility.

* * * *
You are the body; you are not the body.
You are the world; you are not the world.
You are the universe; you are not the universe.
You are the dream; you are not the dream.
You are everything; you are nothing.
Change is the way of all things.
Irony and paradox rule.

* * * *
I am That I Am … That I Am is Me.
You are That I Am … That I Am is You.
We are That I Am … That I Am is Us.

* * * *
An ever-changing quantum mirage of time and space,
Within a mind, within a form, within a world, within a universe,
A kaleidoscoping touchy-feely, three-dimensional dream,
In which you are every moment in, but never of.

* * * *
Eternal life is simply living in the awareness of the ever-streaming moment,
Oblivious to the space and time in which the manifest mind abides.
The state of being when the allure of the many attributes,
The countless fabrications of imagined identity,
Lose all meaning, all purpose, all concern.
When the magnitude of the singular present is all.