07 September 2013



Sometimes the quest for knowledge should be waylaid for the sake of common sense.
Not all inquiry or invention is, or has ever been, in the best interest
Of the greater good or the more necessary whole.
Curiosity has killed many a cat,
And left ye old litter box in shambles.

* * * *
All the scientists, researchers and scholars
Out there measuring, categorizing, graphing everything they possibly can
With whatever technologies they can muster.
To what end?

* * * *
It is indeed more than a little curious how so many
So-called religious collectives all across this dreamtime world
Truly believe their fabricated god favors only them,
As if any supreme being would really care
Who wins some silly football game.

* * * *
The wisdom of the ages apply to any age.

* * * *
Either become your ideal,
Or stop pretending you someday might.
Better to be an honorable liar, cheat, thief, even assassin,
Daily plotting terror, mayhem and murder,
Than a dissembling hypocrite.

* * * *
The unspeakable dogmatic vanity
That could arise from this body of work,
Is worth yet another caution to any future readers.
History is replete with an endless array of absurdities and horrors
From many a well-meant and harmless intention,
And to use these many thoughts
In any way dogmatic
Is to miss the point entirely.

* * * *
We are likely fulfilling the ancient prophecies
Because we have not yet discerned that “me, myself and I,”
Is ultimately an extremely dysfunctional paradigm for our continued survival.