07 September 2013



Even if every creature from great to small were to shout out in unison
The cacophonous eruption would amount to no sound at all.
This garden world is but a minuscule particle of dust
Timelessly spinning in the immensity of space.
Really no different than any of the invisible particles
Circulating about the space in which you are sitting right now.
Listen very closely and you will be the deep silence of the universal mind.

* * * *
Just say no to the mumbo-jumbo of all superstition,
All the false, delusional authorities born of time and circumstance.
Discern that the source of the ever-present awareness
Is the immeasurable, absolute You.

* * * *
We are the collective dice roll
Of all our ancestors.
However that came to pass,
We are all cousins of the same unknown.
To endlessly squabble over this or that, or that or this,
Is about as meaninglessly futile as it gets.

* * * *
Peace on Earth, the only true revolution.

* * * *
Each and every seed a unique blueprint,
A pattern for its snowflake of a universe.

* * * *
If you subscribe to only one book,
You have been deprived of the countless
Prophets, mystics, visionaries, oracles and seers
Who have peered into the same reflective pool of beingness,
And cast it in the mythos into which they were born.
Study the world and see the common thread
With which this grand tapestry is spun.

* * * *
Who or what is anyone or anything but you
Disguised in the wrappings of the streaming senses.
What duplicity you have over and over played with your Self
Across the countless dreamscapes of who knows how many creations.