13 September 2013



Since all creation’s unknowable beginning,
The clock of eternity has ticked away across the cosmos.
Every part and particle of every passing moment has been necessary
For the temporal dream of consciousness to reach this indivisible twinkling in time,
That which is both within and without the only you that has ever been.

* * * *
Rome is but an idea, as is every nation-state before and since.
The same is true for any grouping caught up in the process of identification.
All are merely patterns, habits, imitations, copies, memes,
To which conditioned the monkey-mind
Cannot help but subscribe.

* * * *
Who is it but the very same you who has ever been reborn.
All identity is but the distraction of consciousness.
Do not delude your Self, there is no other.

* * * *
The senses are the readers of the quantum ether.
The mind the interpreter, the performer, the creator.

* * * *
Life can be long, and the mind-body endure a great deal.
If you wish to survive, abide, perhaps even thrive,
In reasonable mental and physical health,
You should never ever intentionally
Put the container in the way
Of potentially perilous permutations
Of force, mass, vectors, and other indelible laws.

* * * *
You are the mystery, you are the awareness, you are the source,
You cannot disengage from the ever-present indivisibility.
To suppose that you are separate, that your personality
Is any more than an invention of consciousness,
Is unutterably delusional from the get-go.

* * * *
Stars shine, sun blazes, moon reflects, earth blooms, life comes, life goes.
Purpose, meaning, belief, hope, are but imaginary concoctions.
Cling to them as you will, but know that any existence,
No matter how long, is for but a moment.