06 September 2013



The human theater is fueled and driven by vain, limited thinking.
In the ultimate perspective of the essential nature, who can more than speculate
Who was who, what was what, when was when, where was where, why was why, how was how.
To pretend to know anything is nothing more than the arrogance of ignorance.

* * * *
However you manifest is a unique outcome of the patterns of the elemental nature.
The existence you play out creates the lessons from which you must learn.
There is no use envying another's providence or decrying your own.
In the final analysis, they are all of the same beginning,
And inevitably diminish into the same end.

* * * *
Anything can become dogma for those seeking sanctuary.
That’s how the cousins-of-the-same-puddle,
Two-legged-jungle-mind rolls.

* * * *
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
Whatever light show is played out in time,
The oneness you really are is touched by none of it.
All forms are different containers appearing to be so diverse,
Yet all filled and surrounded of the same infinity.

* * * *
If this orb was considered a small lifeboat upon an infinite sea,
The prophets, the mystics, the seers, are those who dive over the side,
Explore the unseen depths, and climb back aboard to share their discoveries
With those clinging passionately to the vain, illusory safety of their berth.
Many, perhaps most, will very quickly turn away and refuse to listen.
Some will quarrel, scoff or curse, praising imaginary clay gods.
Some will avidly listen and then label themselves followers.
Some will timidly test the unknown and find it too cold,
Or, worse yet, misguidedly think they, too, have it.
Some, seeing what needs be done, will dive in,
Perhaps to one day also return awakened,
Emptied by the realization of the indivisible.

* * * *
The quantum matrix can indeed be in far more than two dimensions in any given moment.
In fact, it is capable of generating an incalculable number of permutations
Of anything and everything, wherever consciousness abides.
Far more grand than any god imaginable.