06 September 2013



The absurdity of superstition and idolatry
Are far too mindless to even begin to take seriously.
You are under no obligation to give them credence or play along.
Feel free to call it like you see it if you have the courage, the spirit, to stand alone.

* * * *
What is the other but a novelty, a curiosity intrinsic to consciousness.

* * * *
Attitude is about deciding which side to the bed to exit,
Should you happen to be roused once again,
And somehow muster the energy
To face the inanity of yet another day.

* * * *
Hurry, hurry, hurry, rush, rush, rush,
So you can stand impatiently in another queue,
Or come to a press-the-floorboard halt
At the stop light just ahead.

* * * *
You are a decomposer, too, you know.

* * * *
So, how is your meme doing today?

* * * *
In skirmishes born of time and space,
Sometimes it is necessary to dig a hole,
Other times to be shrewd with the tongue,
Still others to be as still as breath will allow.
And then there are the times when all choices
But one quickly dissolve if you intend to survive.
Where immediacy is critical, the instinctual essence
Swiftly exports moral ideologies out of consciousness.
There are times when compassion may not be an option.

* * * *
There is absolutely nothing that can or will ever hinder you
From suffering as much or as long as you please.
Crave this, crave that, crave everything,
For as long as pain entices you
Into its harsh embrace.