06 September 2013



So many things true, so many things false,
In so many minds, in so many times, in so many spaces,
Yet, no matter how many differences this endless mystery may spawn,
All are, have ever been, will ever be, of the same origin.

* * * *
There is really no you but in the field of imagination.
Any given moment is absolutely indifferent
To the dream of consciousness
Streaming through it.

* * * *
We each have our story of agony and ecstasy,
Which we are more than happy to share
With anyone who will bend an ear.

* * * *
If, the biggest small word around.

* * * *
The challenge for any listener
Is to hear what was actually said,
And not what was thought in response.

* * * *
Something will eventually annihilate the body.
Large or small, within or without, harshly or gently,
From the ultimate vista, who, what, when, where, why or how,
Make absolutely no difference, whatsoever.

* * * *
A wealthy life is having the health, the means, the spirit,
To do whatever the mystery-given capacities and limitations allow.
Your destiny is already written in the dusty sands of time.
You just have to every moment scrawl it out
In whatever way you will.

* * * *
What do mothers and fathers think
About their decision to bring children into this world,
When one day it occurs to them the terrible suffering and eventual death
They have, through a mindless, primal, instinctual drive,
Brought upon the spawn of their loins.