05 September 2013



No one can more than point the way helping you see this.
All must discover absoluteness within themselves very much alone.
Those who own it already can only say a few words
And beckon you dare the journey.

* * * *
Always remember that all metaphors,
No matter how accurate or profound they sound,
Are not, have never been, will never be,
The reality of the given moment.

* * * *
With every birth, a universe created.
With every death, a universe destroyed.
Such is the nature of consciousness.

* * * *
Not a good idea to assume
You are bigger, stronger, faster,
Or whatever else than everyone else.
It might be true some of the time,
But it is never true all the time.

* * * *
Without skin, what could you feel?
Without eyes, what could you see?
Without ears, what could you hear?
Without nose, what could you smell?
Without tongue, what could you taste?
Without all functioning simultaneously,
How could your dreamtime universe be?

* * * *
Awareness is not a belief system.
It is that which is prior to consciousness
And requires nothing but unconditional attention
For you to be both its master and servant.

* * * *
Everyone has a view of normal
From which they gauge their universe.
Being and allowing is an attitude, an equanimity,
For which relatively few possess the detachment and grace.