04 September 2013



Truth is so obvious.
How can any resist its simplicity?
How can ignorance be so intractable, so confined?
How can it always so closely, with such complete and utter conviction,
Always align so inevitably, so precisely with its definition?

* * * *
How many worship some imaginary deity, praying for blessings, for forgiveness,
And then spend every other moment possible in one pursuit or another,
Lying, cheating, thieving, even plotting murder and mayhem,
Never discerning their hypocrisy and self-deceit.

* * * *
How much of your life do you worry over this or that?
How many problems do you spin from practically nothing?
How concerned do you get over everything from micro to macro?
To be free in the unruly mind, you must be utterly insecure,
Completely undisturbed, absolutely vulnerable.

* * * *
How is religious conflict even possible?

* * * *
See clearly how your many cravings
Have molded your many fears,
And discover the vast peace
In which they churn the suffering.

* * * *
The hedonistic narcissism of vanity
Is the motivation, the impetus, the engine,
The raison d'être sustaining all attributes human.

* * * *
Sometimes the absurdity makes you laugh out loud,
And in other moments, you are so serious and sorrowful
That you wail and curse to the vast quagmire of imagination.

* * * *
You need not participate in any mindset, any groupthink, large or small.
Cleanse your mind, your awareness, of all memes, all inventions, all fictions,
All inventions fashioned in imagination’s endless array of absurd notions.
Stand alone, and be as inwardly free as the day before you were born.