05 September 2013



Nothing is forever.
Every moment is torn from your grasp.
Every form, every thought, every context, inevitably evaporates
Into the oblivion of the timeless unfathomability.

* * * *
The whirl of delusion is much more enticing
Than the rigorous starkness of the ultimate truth.
So, dance, monkeys, dance your time away,
It only matters as long as time allows.

* * * *
Why anyone would believe in a deity
That wants them or others to suffer
Is perhaps the only real mystery.

* * * *
Gaze out into the infinite vastness
Until you discern it swirling
Within your own eye.

* * * *
There is nothing to hold on to.
There is nothing to be.
Be nothing,
And you will be free.

* * * *
History is full of true believers
Who every day in so many ways
Spin time its mind-bound way.

* * * *
For any given life whose destiny it is
To awaken to the infinite, indivisible nature,
The universe woven together by the mind and senses
Is merely a means to the ending of time.

* * * *
The identity, the “me, myself and I,”
Is a concoction, a complete and utter fabrication
Of imagination’s attachment to the mind-body, its sensory play,
And its incessant penchant for every sort of delusion.