05 September 2013



Why would anyone look to the geocentric,
Ethnocentric, mythological, superstitious rationalizations
Of mindsets forged thousands of years ago in fear, in ignorance, in delusion,
Over the verifiable observations of the true scientist.
You, scientist.

* * * *
It really does not matter one speck, one smidgen, one iota,
What anybody thinks or believes about anything.
You have always been nothing more
Than the awareness of the eternal present,
Never the dream born of the mind bound in time.

* * * *
Those who ceaseless demand that others
Conform to their laws, their dogmas,
Their limited, self-absorbed visions,
Is the source of all religious delusion,
The foundation of all political tyranny.

* * * *
Things come as they come,
And go as they go.
Change is.
That is the Way.
Practice benign indifference.

* * * *
Desire and fear are learned.
They are but habits,
Grooves of the rutted mind.
To be free, to discern what is real,
You must put aside fragmented knowledge
And step lightly in the unfettered waves of beingness.

* * * *
Find a space where you can sit quietly, alone.
Ignore the ever-churning sensory theater.
Allow the thoughts to pass without interference.
Observe completely the beingness throughout the passing.
That simple awareness, that nowness, is the eternal, original nature.
To abide in the essential ever-fleeting moment, the mind still,
Is liberation from the fabrications of false identity.