05 September 2013



You who have discerned godness know it to be you, know it to be me,
Know it to be everything within, everything without.
No need for words, no need for dogma,
Awareness sees it all.

* * * *
Another minute, another hour, another day, another week,
Another month, another year, another decade,
Another life, another whatever,
Well on its way to being long-forgotten.

* * * *
Peer beneath every pebble you stumble upon
Until you perhaps someday see clearly
They are in the ultimate reality
All very much the same.

* * * *
Everything changes.
Nothing remains the same.

* * * *
All the puny little labels,
All the sounds given concept,
Ultimately mean absolutely nothing,
But meanwhile, much ado.

* * * *
What a thing to spend your life
Locked in dogmas and idolatries,
Bound up in traditions, superstitions,
In fear of some god or gods or demons,
Concerned about heavens or hells or karma.
Why allow imagination to have such free reign?
Why give your Self over to such sensless absurdity?

* * * *
All great seers of the ultimate reality
Are simply astute knowers of themselves.
Anyone can apprehend it if they have the insight,
And an unrelenting, unwavering, blade of discernment.
This is just another conscious articulation of an age-old inquiry.
For truly, there is nothing either new or old under this or any other sun.