04 September 2013



Rulers, middlemen, conmen and fools have since early on
Observed how simple it is to manipulate the masses to their own ends.
Religion is merely one of the many ways and means
To herd sheep this way or that.

* * * *
Awareness has no bond to time and space
Other than to witness its ever-kaleidoscoping nature.
How can that which is indivisibly eternal
Ever be bound by any creation?

* * * *
Sometimes serious, sometimes absurd,
Sometimes intelligent, sometimes foolish,
Sometimes divisive, sometimes incisive,
Ever eternally, inscrutably indivisible.
A mystery no matter how long it is,
A mystery no matter how short it is.

* * * *
The knowledge, insights and skills
You sponge in the early part of your life
Will be well-honed by its middle,
And forgotten by its end.
Live and learn … die anyway.

* * * *
To catch the hungry monkey,
The coconut is baited for desire.
The searching hand goes so easily in,
But will not come out with the fisted delight.
The treat will quickly bring about death
Unless the frantic creature discerns
The paradigm of the open hand
Is freedom's curious irony.

* * * *
Born into this world.
Told you should be someone.
That you should achieve great things.
That you should want this or that, or that or this.
But what if you neither believe nor want nor care for any of it?
What if no “should” calls to you, what then, Pilgrim?