12 May 2014

One Hundred and Fifteen


Garbage, chemical and nuclear waste,
Ozone depletion, conventional warfare, terrorism,
Deforestation, exhausted fisheries, superbugs and unrelenting viruses,
Unnatural disasters, cancers, overpopulation, poverty,
Religious, political and economize rivalries,
Technology absurdly exponential,
And on and on and on.
Through it all, the compliant throng
Wandered about, to and fro, as if nothing was wrong,
As if nothing was different, at all unusual,
As if utter madness was normal.

* * * *
Come and gone in the momentary twinkle of every eye,
A universe simultaneously created and destroyed
In the fleeting dreamtime of imagination.

* * * *
How absurd it is to believe anything
When the present moment
Is all there really is,
And its essential nature
Has absolutely nothing to do
With any belief system, whatsoever.

* * * *
How many have realized
That Jesus was an antichrist?
That what we call Christian religion,
Along with all the other creeds of this world,
Has become exactly what he died advocating against.
That which dogmas across this mystery fear most
Are intractable individuals who point out
That the only authentic religion,
The only true church
Is the golden cathedral within.

* * * *
The warrior must be ever-vigilant to elude the arrow’s fell shadow.

* * * *
Carnival tricks are not required to win some seal of approval that never existed,
And are in reality no more than distractions of middlemen looking for a free vein.