30 May 2014

One Hundred and Fifty-One


The good teacher requires a good student, and the good student, a good teacher.
But no matter the subject, no teacher can more than point the way.
It is always the student who must do the learning.

* * * *
How curious that those who spend their existence in scholarship
Are never able to entirely examine all the knowledge
The mystery ever-entices them to create.

* * * *
The first step in any religion is fabricating a supreme being,
And the second is dwelling in fear of its imaginary shadow.

* * * *
Quantum breathing:
Breathe in the universe, breathe out the universe,
Breathe in the universe, breathe out the universe,
Breathe in the universe, breathe out the universe.
Breathe in the universe …

* * * *
The monkey-mind races madly for the edge
Of the terra firma’s petri dish.
Biology will out.

* * * *
No point judging something you cannot change.
No point judging something that does not matter.
No point judging something that is the way it is.

* * * *
Reality is ceaseless and carefree, indivisible and inexplicable.
Only imagination ebbs and flows, starts and stops.
In reality, you are the you that you are,
Not the you that you imagine.
The soul of godness exists not in time,
But in the timeless nowness of eternal beingness.
To achieve full potential as human being, be a human … being.

* * * *
Intelligence is of such a relative nature that to arrogantly assert superiority to any other,
Is to deny that all creatures great and small entertain at least one genius or another,
Which has allowed evolutionary survival since matter’s ascent into existence.