30 May 2014

One Hundred and Fifty-Six


The worldwide winds, to which all humankind have synergistically contributed,
Are daily growing far too strong for any to find a truly safe harbor.
The imminent is a cavernous, exacting, dystopian pit,
Into which all but the most resilient
Must inevitably fall.

* * * *
The body is merely a means for the eternal quantum nature
To experience mortality for a relatively brief while.
All patterning is but a temporary disguise.

* * * *
Whatever the source of the mystery, you are also.
How could you not be?

* * * *
What conclusion can there ever possibly be
To a mystery capable of dreaming
Without beginning or end?

* * * *
Agony and ecstasy are only as near
As the attachment to the body.
Are you your best friend,
Or worst enemy?
You decide
Every moment.

* * * *
Would you, could you
Really play any other character
But the one you have already been allotted?

* * * *
Once upon a time, it all seemed as real as real could be,
And then the one and only reality awakened its eternal mind.
It is a solitary, less traveled, winding yellow brick road,
Down which many are called, yet few are chosen.

* * * *
The awareness that transpires in this eternal now
Is indifferent to this temporal theater born of time and space.
So the good news, really, is that it can all be considered absolute bullshit.