30 May 2014

One Hundred and Fifty


It has always been the same eternity through which all dreams have streamed.

* * * *
Forget the world, forget the universe, forget everything, even your Self.

* * * *
Quantum body, quantum mind, quantum soul, quantum dream.

* * * *
We all gauge our given existence in many different ways.
To judge, to compare, to covet, is meaningless.
All are of the same indivisibility.
Being and allowing is the road less traveled.

* * * *
You are not, have never been, will never be,
What you see, hear, feel, taste or smell.

* * * *
The figment of imagination is within all.

* * * *
In the dream, but not of it.

* * * *
Relish the aloneness of the eternity within.

* * * *
Why should you be a sheep to some shepherd?
Why should you kowtow or pray to what you are?
Why should you fear that which you have ever been?
Pffffft on all the dogmas devised by minds locked in time.

* * * *
Just about everything human
Sooner or later becomes all but immobilized
By all the parameters and procedures of bureaucratic tomfoolery.

* * * *
We must all one day face an executioner.
The only questions include whether it will be large or small,
Animate or inanimate, quick or slow, conscious or unconscious, known or unknown,
By your own hand or by another’s.