10 May 2014

One Hundred and Five


Do you really believe the limitations of your vain, puny, stagnant imagination,
All the confining, dogmatic assertions to which you absurdly lay claim,
Should be as far as your notion of god would or should ever go?

* * * *
Are you really going to again and again live in your bag of memories,
Replay all those medias, browse your collection of trinkets,
Miss out on all that is happening right now?

* * * *
Birth and death cycle about throughout your existence.
And you, playing out your meager little part,
Witness to every sensory moment
Of the dreamtime it is.

* * * *
The quantum nature
Can only pretend to exist
In a reverie of consciousness.
What is the creator but the creation.

* * * *
So many wandering here and there,
Seeking out others to accept, even embrace
Their endless monkey-mind vanities.

* * * *
What would Jesus do?
Well, obviously he is not coming back,
So it looks like you will just have to figure it out on your own.

* * * *
All the many things past,
As well as whatever is unfolding now,
Are long done and forever gone in the annals of time.
And but for the innumerable traces along any given neuron highway,
Did they ever even really happen?

* * * *
To see what there is to be seen,
You must look beyond the trivialities of the day-to-day,
And from that light, that wisdom, that yearning, you will do whatever needs doing.