30 May 2014

One Hundred and Forty-Four


In the lifelong inquiry into the one and only truth, the one and only reality,
Why on earth vainly adhere to any particular school of thought,
When an entire universe is your dreamtime teacher.

* * * *
The burden of traditions across this magical garden
Muddy the unfolding now with every sort of dualistic notion.
How can everyone be free to discern the greatest vision
With so much hollow dogma weighing them down?
Only the rare have the courage to stand alone.

* * * *
Memory is but the wake of imagination.

* * * *
Path?  What path?
Journey?  What journey?
Fate?  What fate?

* * * *
All, in a dream.

* * * *
Quantum awareness.

* * * *
It is whatever you think it is.
It is not anything you think it is.
All just pretend, all just make-believe,
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.
Nothing, even a moment ago, ever happened.
Everything is devised of time-bound imagination.
You were not, you are not, you need not care.

* * * *
So much of everything within any given cosmos,
Nothing new, nothing old, everything the same, nothing the same.
On and on the unknowable conundrum churns, ever creating, preserving, destroying,
The timeless in every mind’s eye witness to a kaleidoscoping sensory mirage.
The awareness has awakened to so many universes, to so many dreams,
To so many passions, to so many reflections of consciousness,
The eternal in which all great and small equally abide.
You are it, it is you, there is ultimately no other.