10 May 2014

One Hundred and Four


The god moving around as a concept in your mind is not the godness you are.
Every breath in, every breath out, is of the entire universe.
There is really nothing that is not you.

* * * *
Yet another politically correct, predictably clichéd performance.
Monkey see, monkey do, from the jungle long ago,
“Ooh ooh ooh, eee eee eee, aah aah aah,”
Echoing through treetops,
Again and again and again, ever again.

* * * *
There are many things that might matter for a time,
But there are indeed many, many more
That never have, never will.
If you really, really did not care,
Would it even occur to you to deny it?

* * * *
Idolatry is so passé.

* * * *
Eternal life is an enigma,
The myriad answers to which
Are forever confined to speculation.

* * * *
Just how present can you really be
But through the complete and utter stillness
Of the pure, ever-streaming awareness.
Eternal life is as simple as it gets.

* * * *
The universe is but a vast sea of metaphors.

* * * *
All parts are but articulations of the same oneness.
It need not, it cannot, be made into anything more.

* * * *
The world of the human mind can be a harsh judge
To those attempting to appease the demands of any other.
Satisfy your Self, cultivate the tranquility of contentment within.