12 May 2014

One Hundred and Nineteen


What need for any belief system, any dogma, any speculation, any meme,
Once you discern the awareness permeating all things great and small.

* * * *
Even narratives with the best of intention can lead some astray.

* * * *
Divvy up the universe into as many parts as you wish,
But never forget it always add back up to one whole.

* * * *
There is only essence, and every drop is of it,
No matter how great, no matter how small.

* * * *
It is what it is, and you are ever of it.
No belief system is necessary.
No fear is required.

* * * *
Men speculate, Truth laughs.

* * * *
Making up your mind, literally.

* * * *
Any determined middleman
Can just about always find a choir
To fund and support his or her little game.

* * * *
Half the world are “innies,” half are “outies,”
And with them we do everything imaginable.

* * * *
There is nothing to be lost, there is nothing to be saved.
The everything and nothing is unwaveringly indivisible.

* * * *
You have seen reflections of it.
You have seen photographs and drawings of it.
But you have never, and will never, see your face the way others see it.
Behind the given mask, we are all the same mystery.