10 May 2014

One Hundred and One


All religions, and the cults from which they rise into one stature or another,
Are founded upon the vain assumptions of one speculation or another,
And no conjecture will ever hold a candle to that which is truth.

* * * *
Speculation: a malingering pastime engaged in far more often
Than truth, had it any sway at all, would rationally allow.

* * * *
When you get your own act together,
Maybe you will be nominated to tell others
What they should be doing with theirs.

* * * *
So what?  No, really, so what?

* * * *
Words chain, words free.
It is all in how you listen.

* * * *
So much babble wherever you turn.
How challenging for consciousness
To overcome its dread of tranquility.

* * * *
The harvest of a free mind is awareness,
The complete and utter stillness of oblivion.

* * * *
Santa Claus, the Eater Bunny, the Tooth Fairy,
Are as real as any god to the child who believes.

* * * *
Prior to imagination, stillness, absolute, unconfined.

* * * *
Freedom is within each and every moment
You are simple enough to simply be.
To clearly discern true Self,
Merely set aside vanity, become very still,
And soully be the unvarnished, unblemished awareness,
The awareness, the upwelling, that is, has always been, and will ever be.