12 May 2014

One Hundred and Seventeen


Forget what your eyes have seen,
Your ears have heard, your nose has smelled,
Your tongue has tasted, your hands and body have felt.
Forget everything the indivisible weavings of earth, water, air and fire,
Have ever concocted in this temporary mortal container.
Allow the mind to become utterly still,
Timelessly present, completely anonymous.
You will, in those moments of absolute awareness,
Be what you truly are, have always been, and will ever be.

* * * *
Seriously, folks, what do you really think Jesus would say
About all the horror and inanity carried out in his name?

* * * *
Ensnared in a dream of time and space,
You must wander a maze that does not really exist,
And endure whatever fate it has in store.

* * * *
Heavens and hells are all merely
Fabricated whims of imagination.

* * * *
So many things we believe matter,
Do not, never did, and never will.

* * * *
What a luxury knowing so much,
All the while understanding so little.

* * * *
The godness you seek is within and without,
Pure, simple, free, perfect, absolute, supreme.

* * * *
The matrix bids you welcome to the Land of Ozurdity.

* * * *
Why did humankind evolve the way we have?
Perhaps it was just a Darwinian survival mechanism of consciousness
As memory, imagination, and language fabricated time,
And then gradually colluded into it.