31 May 2014

One Hundred and Sixty-Seven


Earth is earth, water is water, wind is wind, fire is fire.
Once you, without doubt, without equivocation, fully understand this,
And that these forces interact in every way imaginable,
And that you are eternal witness to it all,
What else is there to know?

* * * *
The challenge for any philosopher, if there is to be any serenity
Before the given universe comes to its mortal end,
Is to somehow get prior all the words.

* * * *
If you make any mystical perception at all dogmatic,
Go back to square one, you got it all wrong.
Conforming to any other’s persuasion,
To any personal idiosyncrasies,
Is not sensible for you or anyone else.

* * * *
Enlightenment wanders many paths.
Liberation is the same for all.

* * * *
You go, infinity.

* * * *
Death unsuits us all.

* * * *
In every moment,
A new opportunity to discern
The mystery streaming indivisibly within.

* * * *
Some who specialize in the study of literature
Claim it can be distilled down to as few as seven plots:
The yearning for justice, love, order, pleasure, and validation;
The challenge of morality when choices have to be made;
And the fear of the unknown/unknowable and death.
A few basic narratives told over and over and over
In different times, in different places, in different tongues,
With a likely never-ending array of nuances for every inclination,
Yet permeating all, the human craving for life’s telling so much the same.