31 May 2014

One Hundred and Sixty-Six


You will play out whatever fate the quantum matrix has allotted.
Whatever genetic lottery has been formulated, whatever stage has been erected,
Whatever dice have been rolled, whatever hand has been dealt.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
Most would rather cater to the endlessly delusional gratification
Of mind-numbing tradition and fear-ridden superstition,
Than to explore for themselves the truth of it all.

* * * *
When there is no attachment to anything,
You are every moment born anew.
You need not be burdened
By the yoke of time.

* * * *
See it or not,
The truth has always been,
And will ever be,
The real you.

* * * *
Evolve or die.

* * * *
Passion is attachment.

* * * *
Just because you do not want
To see or hear something true
Does not make it any less true.

* * * *
Breathe in, breathe out.
Let the world go, and just be.
Easier said than done, but it is doable.
It is only real if and when you join the collusion.

* * * *
Science will always be restricted
By the capacities of the devices doing the measuring,
And the dexterity and intentions of the minds orchestrating the experiments.