12 May 2014

One Hundred and Ten


The absurdity of duality is obvious to anyone paying close attention to anything.

* * * *
Born to see it clearly or not, born to realize it beyond doubt or not,
Rest assured, rest content, rest absolute, in the good news,
That you are it, have ever been it, will ever be it.

* * * *
Every school of thought, every experience gleaned,
Yet another filter through which to witness
The mystery of the unknown,
The matrix now.

* * * *
Like and dislike, the harbingers of limitation,

* * * *
Can anything you project on others
Be anything but a concoction
Of your own vanity?

* * * *
Your fate is already assured.
You just have to play it out.

* * * *
Nothing new under the sun.
Nothing not new under the sun.

* * * *
The abyss is the ultimate freedom.
Give over to it as often as you dare.

* * * *
What is the mind of a newborn
But complete vulnerability to all potentials.
As freely absolute as time allows.

* * * *
Knowledge is such endlessly piecemeal thing.
History has many faces, many flavors, many truths.
It is an arbitrary leviathan from the first story to the last,
Only as accurate as the filters that shape it into words.