16 May 2014

One Hundred and Thirty-Three


Individuality is a delusion fabricated by consciousness locked into a sensory dream.
Across the infinity of all dimensions, all creation shares the same Soul.
All are but shards of the indivisibly unfathomable.

* * * *
Enjoy your vanity, your hedonistic narcissism, why not?
Just do not be so deluded as to believe your existence
Is any more than a breeze wafting though leaves.

* * * *
How can any rational mind ever long pretend
Believing anything it discerns patently absurd?

* * * *
There is no separation in the awareness
But through the play of consciousness
And all its sensory-based differences.

* * * *
So treacherous as to be harmless,
So cruel as to be compassionate,
So rapacious as to be generous.
It is less about sordid beginnings
Than it is about righteous endings.

* * * *
We are all addicts to the patterns
Through which we daily wander.

* * * *
The minimum requirement
For an moderately satisfying life
Is just enough wit to appreciate genius.

* * * *
The only thing jealous about god
Is in the minds of minions who scurry about
Promoting dogmas entirely born of their imaginary vanity.

* * * *
Those many who harbor in hope
Should beware the cynic whose light shines bright
Upon the countless absurdities that run amok in human mind and deed.