14 May 2014

One Hundred and Thirty


It is the same old patterns played out ever again since humankind
Came down from the branches, and wandered out into the world.

* * * *
What is life but a countdown to one deadly end or another.
May as well make the Reaper your favorite drinking buddy.

* * * *
Paid a lot of dearly for that little vice, you did, you did.

* * * *
Just a-spacin’ away, a-streamin’ with the dreamin’.

* * * *
Within the roar of applause, ever a hollow ring.

* * * *
What pathway is there to heaven
But through the eternal within.

* * * *
There is only one Soul,
And it is that which is Totality.
There is only one Totality,
And it is the Soul in all.

* * * *
No one can truly see the real You,
Nor can You truly see your Self.
It is your fate to play it all so,
Again and again, ever again.

* * * *
That which is ever-changing is not eternal.
That which is eternal is not ever-changing.

* * * *
He with the most toys dies same as every other.

* * * *
It is all You within and without.
Nothing about which to get all pride-filled.
You are witness, nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.