12 May 2014

One Hundred and Twelve


What hollow, pathetic, insufferable idolatry has been fomented
In hearts and minds in all geographies in every epoch.
Discern and embrace the inescapable infinity
In which you are both part and whole.

* * * *
To see the simple truth of eternity’s ultimate grace
As clearly as momentary awareness allows,
Is to become inwardly, very, very still,
A shave, just a shave, mind you,
More than death its Self.

* * * *
All minds are sooner or later lost.
From oblivion and back again,
An inevitable, irrevocable fact.
You were long before any sun.

* * * *
What the future is going to endure
Is likely so beyond the pale,
Even the pale blanches.

* * * *
In a win-lose world,
The dream evenly backs
All the winners, all the losers,
In the zero-sum game that it really is.

* * * *
Only you care or not,
And at best for only for a brief while,
In the great infinity of the oblivion you ultimately are.

* * * *
Science is a state, a quality of mind
That examines the truth of anything and everything.
No belief system is required other than a deep, abiding, verifiable acuity.

* * * *
Whether or not any other sees it as you do, why should that concern you in the least?
All this adversity over the one and only truth and the endlessly arbitrary notions about it,
Is as pointlessly hollow, as absurdly meaningless, as the vanity of it all can possibly ordain.