14 May 2014

One Hundred and Twenty-Seven


The eternal mind is simply paying very close, very still attention to the passing moment,
Simply being present without fanfare or dogma, without pretext or assertion.
Letting it all come, letting it all go, no vain notions, whatsoever.

* * * *
In the small, micro view, you are the center of a universe
Created by the manifest sensory dreamtime inspired by the body and mind.
But in the larger macro vision of all that is and all that is not,
You are but one in a vast singularity of points.

* * * *
No need to fear or quake, no need to bow or scrape,
Nor is there need to bluster or foam,
Just be what you are,
All that is … All that is not.

* * * *
How still is still?

* * * *
Everything is nothing.
Nothing is everything.

* * * *
The sciences, however astute,
Must ever only flail at the windmills
Of the unknown that permeates all creation.

* * * *
The elements can confound all
But the most astute in so many ways,
And even the most shrewd must be en garde
For the turmoil they can in any given moment create.

* * * *
As meticulously as the sciences
May examine and measure all things manifest,
The rational mind must ever remain ignorant of its irrational origin.

* * * *
There is a great emptiness, a great solitude, a great silence,
Waiting within when you are finished with all the noise of the world,
Playing its repetitive, hollow recording over and over in the monkey-mind head.