14 May 2014

One Hundred and Twenty-Three


Every life form is shaped, wrought, conditioned, molded, sculpted,
By the ceaseless dynamic of its interweaving nature-nurture.
Ever an epic adventure, however long, however short.

* * * *
Discern your own law, and then keep it to your Self,
To avoid others fabricating some new silliness
Likely just as dogmatic as all the rest.

* * * *
If the real Jesus were somehow to return
And tell his followers they had gotten it all wrong,
Would they even listen, much less change?
And would he suffer the same fate
At their hands as he did
In the original production?

* * * *
Strategy is where you are headed,
Tactics, how you will get there.

* * * *
A snowflake of stardust.

* * * *
Nothing is certain.

* * * *
How unbecoming of you.

* * * *
The final, most exact and truest answer
Is the simplest, least dogmatic certainty.

* * * *
Gossip can be a poisonous, smoldering brew,
To which most, if not all, busy minds subscribe.

* * * *
Suffer well, suffer with all your being.
Suffer until you can smother the absurdity
Of believing there is anything permanent enough
Over which to suffer so much of your fleeting existence.