12 May 2014

One Hundred and Twenty


What is this sometimes almost desperate need to be known,
To be recognized, approved, applauded by others?
Being more than what you have always been
Is just not possible, nor at all necessary.
It is only imagination’s projection
Dreaming out yet another sensory day.

* * * *
Why should sanction from any other be necessary
When simply being the ephemeral singularity
From which all manifestation springs,
Is surely completeness in its Self.

* * * *
Everything consumable will be consumed,
And when what is left is all but gone,
And our kind runs hard aground,
In what will dreamtime’s future abide?

* * * *
And what can truth ever be but you.

* * * *
Godness is not in the way you think.

* * * *
Stand alone, be free.
What tyrant can take away
The freedom of those free of fear,
Those with the audacity to be sovereign.

* * * *
More egocentric, ethnocentric gobbledygook.

* * * *
No matter how badly anyone wants it to,
Nothing ever stays the same even for one moment.
Even the hardest rock is moving in its own imperceptible way.

* * * *
Look at ancient ruins across the world, and imagine in just a few thousand years
The more-than-likely state of decay and mayhem of all the nuclear reactors and waste sites
We have so mindlessly, foolishly, absurdly slapped across the face of time to come.