10 May 2014

One Hundred and Two


Would that this simple understanding of truth were not such a uncommon commodity,
That it were an every moment, every man, woman and child awareness,
Something understood at the core of each and every one,
Without any conflict or confusion, whatsoever.

* * * *
There is ever a push and pull between the absurd and the profound.
Between the churning and crashing of the waves,
And the oblivion of the depths.

* * * *
The ceaselessly inconsistent zigzaggings of thought
Are overcome by conscious full breathing.
Oxygen deprivation, don’t do it.

* * * *
Past a reasonable and certain point,
What is the point of helping those
Who will not help themselves?

* * * *
Every moment a new dream.
You are quantum.
Stream on.

* * * *
Discern you are physician,
And then heal thy dreamtime Self,
Rend the myriad into one.

* * * *
Just another neurological recognition thing.

* * * *
In what field of gold can you ever truly harbor
But the awareness you have within always been.

* * * *
What are all the possessions we diligently pack away,
But a reminder of the many relationships and adventures
We have parlayed in our brief sojourn through manifest time.
All for naught, ultimately, but gratifying enough while it is endured.
Helps us cling to the delusion that it was all real, perhaps even meaningful.