30 May 2014

One Hundred Forty-Seven


Each and every instant, across all infinity’s inexplicable indivisibility,
Seamlessly, timelessly, irrevocably blending into the next,
From rise and bloom to decline and demise.
And it is all you, forever one.

* * * *
All dualistic notions are the hoax of consciousness,
Ever enticed by the kaleidoscoping play of the senses and mind.
You are this ephemeral, eternal, nonexistent moment,
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but,
No matter the fabrication.

* * * *
The nothingness of everything awakens to another day.

* * * *
What need a simple mind for such complex reasoning.

* * * *
To be deeply, truly content is a gift beyond compare.

* * * *
And what is the Way if not everything and nothing.

* * * *
Nothing matters, and nothing so does not matter, too.

* * * *
Keep on stepping, you will get somewhere, eventually.

* * * *
What cannot be misconstrued once taken out of context?

* * * *
How intelligent does one have to be, to not be stupid?
How beautiful, to not be ugly?  How good, to not be bad?
How correct, to not be wrong?  How wise, to not be foolish?
Where is the gap between any yay, any nay, or any this, any that,
But some inflated, arbitrary formulation of the given mind.

* * * *
When has nature ever been anything but that which is called god?
How else would Self manifest without one dream of time or another?