10 June 2014

One Hundred and Eighty-Eight


Just say no to scriptures, dogmas, idolatry, crystal basilicas, dress codes,
All the absurd belief systems born of the conditioned mind.
You are it, it is you, plain and simple, absolute.
The one and only house of godness
Is the awareness within,
Sovereign, indivisible, complete.

* * * *
There is really nothing to do but whatever nothing calls.

* * * *
We are all spectators to each other’s dreams.

* * * *
To witness your brief existence
As you would any other’s,
That is the real trick.

* * * *
Breathe deep, breathe full.
That is the born again-ness
Of every eternal moment.

* * * *
I Am
The Truth, the Life, and the Way
And so are you.

* * * *
The smoke wafts an infinity of dreams.

* * * *
In ten years, one hundred years,
One thousand years, ten thousand years,
One hundred thousand years, one million years,
What etchings will be left of this dream of consciousness.

* * * *
Without a mirror, a photograph, a drawing, or any other reflection or memory,
Describe your face as the awareness sees it from within right now.
Eyes, nose, ears, mouth, chin, hair, teeth, skin, eyebrows,
And what of your neck, shoulders and back?
Can’t do it?  Well, why is that?