09 June 2014

One Hundred and Eighty-Four


Any given wave is the synergy of many drops,
The currents beyond, and countless more beyond that.
And of the infinite depths, one must alone merge into the oneness
To fathom the immeasurable indivisibility unfathomable.

* * * *
What inquiry can there really be without unquenchable skepticism?

* * * *
Given that consciousness is nothing more than a brief invention,
What heaven or hell, or any other fabrications of mind,
Can possibly endure in the ultimate sense?

* * * *
Yet another load of crock to muddle your mind even further.

* * * *
If everyone and everything were to suddenly wake up,
Nothing would be done, nothing would be undone.

* * * *
Forget all your problems as often as possible.
In fact, forget everything as often as possible.

* * * *
You are everything, and everything is you.

* * * *
What a burden any history, any memory, is
To unfurling freely in the unfolding moment.

* * * *
The witness to it all resides in the forebrain
From which you alone through the senses peer.

* * * *
It is always intriguing how truth can be so obvious to some,
And to others as distant as the farthest reaches of the universe.

* * * *
When did you begin making assumptions, begin taking things personally?
When did you start lying, cheating, stealing, perhaps even destroying?
When did you cease taking responsibility, if you ever even started?