09 June 2014

One Hundred and Eighty-One


Any given seed is merely a temporal blueprint
Through which the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent quantum awareness
Witnesses all creation, all things from great to small,
Playing out their patterning
As the matrix of manifest time dictates.

* * * *
The only place to arrive, the only place to abide, is right now.
The seeker is, has ever been, will ever be,
That which is sought.

* * * *
Hard to be afraid of things you don’t believe in.
Seriously, what’s the Tooth Fairy going to do?

* * * *
Another well-funded research project
Once again stating the obvious.
Rome burns, Nero plays.

* * * *
Where does awareness begin?
And where can it possibly end?

* * * *
There is nothing to change,
Nothing to criticize, nothing to prove.
You are that which is absolute, and that is enough,
That is perfection in the most ultimate sense.
Everything else is just noise and bother.

* * * *
Is there anyone in this temporal theater
Who is always happy, or always miserable?
Surely, the mind is far too intemperate a beast
To maintain any state more than the shortest while
In the ever-changing milieu of this inconstant mystery.

* * * *
What is all self image, what is all “me, myself and I,”
What are all notions of birth and death, and all existence  between?
What is everything known, what is everything unknown,
But an endless confabulation of imagination.