10 June 2014

One Hundred and Eighty-Six


Still looking for some shiny new thing, some exciting new distraction, are we?
More than a little challenging to be unknown inwardly all day long.
Must indeed be very over and done with the world
To give yourself over to your Self.

* * * *
Consumed by outward appearances, by the movement of circumstance,
How inwardly impoverished the pharaohs and pharisees
Are, have ever been, and will ever be.

* * * *
What is life but string of ever-passing moments
Bundled into perceptions stored in neuron configurations,
All of which eventually dissolve into the oblivion
From whence all notions spring eternal.

* * * *
Why should any stone remain unturned?
What is there to fear, really,
But the arbitrary
Twists and turns of imagination?

* * * *
A breath filled with awareness
Is a much more admirable companion
Than all those wayward thoughts.
Make each a full embrace
Of the Soul you are.

* * * *
To choose senselessness over meaning,
To choose speculation over reality,
To choose falsehood over truth,
What ceaseless conflict and confusion.

* * * *
As to the question of so many unconfirmed mysteries,
Unless you have actually experienced something for your Self,
Something that may even be asserted by large groups or the influential,
(e.g., God, ghosts unidentified flying objects, abominable snowmen,
Vast conspiracies by unseen organizations, et cetera ad infinitum),
An assertion that is, as yet, unproven in your own experience,
Truly, an agnostic position is the only honest state of mind.