18 June 2014

One Hundred and Ninety-Eight


No superstitious notion has ever, or can ever, even for one moment,
Change, alter, or modify the fundamental laws of physics
That have been established since time began.
Anyone who pretends otherwise
Needs to wake up
And pay closer attention
To what is going on around them.

* * * *
In the quest home, you must wander alone.
No one can more than offer advice and solace,
And perhaps hold your hand while pointing the way.
If anyone claims it will be easy, they are lying.
It is your choice whether to let them live,
Or bring their delusion to an end
In one dastardly fashion or another.

* * * *
Intellectual silliness, that’s all philosophy is.
A distraction until you are content
To do nothing but be
The awareness you truly are.

* * * *
Awareness is an infinite field.
It cannot be contained by any dogma,
Any creed, any belief, any faith, any philosophy,
Any ideology, any principle, any law,
Any thought, whatsoever.

* * * *
How can that which cannot die ever be born?
How can that which cannot be born ever die?
Ever an esoteric quantum conundrum, indeed.

* * * *
Fairly tales will always be nothing more than fairy tales,
No matter how hopefully so many may imagine them real.

* * * *
If it is not one thing, it will surely be another,
So you may as well face whatever’s coming the best you can,
With whatever resources and gumption you are in the moment able to command.