15 June 2014

One Hundred and Ninety-Five


At some juncture for many, if not all,
The body stops being as pleasing a place to be.
Playfulness is joined, if not replaced, by sense of endurance,
Tolerance, sufferance, forbearance, patience,
Acceptance, resignation, stoicism,
And whatever other words
A meticulous thesaurus might convey.

* * * *
The only difference between a sage and anyone else
Is a talent for stepping back and observing
The monkey-mind from within.

* * * *
If you don’t think you’re a monkey,
Then stop behaving like one.

* * * *
Truth is in the remembering.
Truth is in the forgetting.

* * * *
It is right there as plain
As the nose on your face,
If you could see that, either.

* * * *
Gaze out upon what has become of Eden.
What is good, and what is not good,
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

* * * *
We are really not much bigger
Than tiny gnats or swirling specks of dust.
It is only pride-filled delusion that makes us feel large.

* * * *
Your world is founded on the fabricated collusion of imagination.

* * * *
A globalized economy of uncivil civilizations, ever striving for supremacy,
Pervaded with vanity, greed, malice, mayhem, destruction.
What is the point of such malignancy?