15 June 2014

One Hundred and Ninety-Four


Once you discern all history, not just some of it, is imagined,
What is there to do but wander through it,
Wondering all the while
At all the much ado about nothing.

* * * *
Just because we are walking on two legs, babbling away,
Does not make us all authentic human beings,
At least in the idealistic sense.

* * * *
Where is the mind no longer abiding in memory?
The mind that has forgotten everything.
The hardest lesson never learned.

* * * *
It is all imagination, all make-believe.
We are all the Great Chameleon,
Playing out the Great Dream
In one form or another.

* * * *
Vanity marches on.

* * * *
The old is ever new,
And the new, ever old.

* * * *
Hard to do what does not call you.

* * * *
Not too many ways to stop a train wreck.

* * * *
Now is ever-present.
Wrap your head around the actuality
That everything is in reality happening simultaneously.

* * * *
What your ancestors would think of these times, or you,
Is anybody's guess, anybody’s speculation, anybody’s projection,
And who cares, really, it’s all just the recreation of DNA.