15 June 2014

One Hundred and Ninety-One


Despite the miasma of consciousness and its ceaseless litany of divisiveness
You are ultimately neither superior or inferior to anyone or anything.
All creation is as indivisibly equal as equal can indivisibly be.
The same indelible quantum intelligence resides in all.

* * * *
If you want to be afraid, odds are it should be of your own kind.
Zombies, vampires, aliens, and other monsters
Will just have to wait in queue.

* * * *
The fleeting pleasures of mind and body come and go.
Desire is insatiable in it self-indulgent nature,
And in its wake, painful consequence.

* * * *
There are those whose destiny it is to create
What everyone else mimics and regurgitates.

* * * *
Fight fire with fire, meet peace with peace.
Turn the other cheek if you wish,
But it is not required
That you submit to tyranny
To know That which you truly are.
Follow your nature wherever it may lead.

* * * *
What distraction vanity is from what is real and true.

* * * *
We are all wandering the same stage in different universes.
No way anyone can ever perceive anything exactly the same.

* * * *
What is this magical-mystery-tour of a universe but a vast ecosystem
Of the for-all-practical-as-well-as impractical-purposes infinite kind.

* * * *
Being mindful of the source of consciousness, that which you truly are,
Is not a belief system, nor anything about which to be dogmatic.
It is simply an experiential awareness of the timeless now,
The witness common to all things great and small.