15 June 2014

One Hundred and Ninety-Three


This touchy-feely three-dimensional dream
That you cannot stop, you cannot slow down, you cannot speed up,
You cannot change except as change allows.
All you can do is hope,
And of what use is that, really?

* * * *
Which is truly more in tune with the way it really is:
To believe you are something you are not?
Or to know what you really are?

* * * *
Your dream will carry on as all dreams do.
Oblivion is the nonexistent fate of all.

* * * *
Cast out all that is time-bound,
All that is unreal, all that is imagination,
And you will discern your Self,
Very much alone.

* * * *
All made up from the get-go.

* * * *
Challenging to get a handle
On a mystery beyond measure.
Too small to see, too large to carry.

* * * *
Non-issues abound in every realm.
What is truly essential? And what is not?
Need you ask anyone to tell you these things?

* * * *
If you do not teach your children to be self-sufficient,
Capable, disciplined, and coherent in every means possible,
How will they sustain themselves when you are no longer around?

* * * *
We honor, commemorate, memorialize, celebrate, venerate,
The death and destruction wrought by war and conflict
Because we so little appreciate the mystery of life.