10 June 2014

One Hundred and Ninety


Unassailably amazing what the mind-body
Has been programmed through evolution’s long meander,
To see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to touch, and perchance to contemplate.
And every other life form great and small across the theater
Perceiving its sensory dream in its own unique way.
The vast oneness of it all is immutable,
And profound beyond belief.

* * * *
Life does not come without some share of pain.
An inevitable fact to which the young,
With great kicking and wailing,
Only gradually defer,
Likely still kicking and wailing.

* * * *
The primary sin is pride.
All others follow suit.

* * * *
Eden did not disappear.
You just stopped seeing it.

* * * *
Into the great aloneness you still.

* * * *
The matrix is the void filled with you.

* * * *
The you that you every moment believe you are,
Is nothing more than a fabrication of imagination.

* * * *
There is always somebody on the sidelines,
In the wings, in the rigging, in the trench, in the cubicle,
Who will be more than a little happy to take over and run the show.

* * * *
You are that which is prior to the consciousness
That contorts into the dream of little self in the frontal lobe.
You are the witness, the awareness, the source,
Through which all dreams are played.