02 June 2014

One Hundred and Seventy-Four


The greatest view of the history of all manifestation
Would be the fusion of every universe born of conscious design.
It would include a seamless wander through the matrix, through every nook and cranny
To which the mystery of imagination is witness in every way possible.
All within the infinite, indivisible, timeless stillness
Of that source prior to all naming,
That source prior, even,
To that which many call god.

* * * *
You who have brought children into this world,
Your great grandchildren are happily playing hopscotch
In the dystopia of an irreversibly scarred world.

* * * *
Fate often seems designed keep you entranced,
To make you suffer in ways beyond counting.
Far easier to master the world than your Self.

* * * *
To be considered a failure in this world
May be a distinction of great merit.

* * * *
The traces are not easily undone.

* * * *
You are not the chatty mind
Any more than a brook
Is the babble upon the rocks,
Or the ocean the crash upon the sand.

* * * *
What if your core assumptions are all wrong?
Would you be able to recalibrate,
To reconfigure your momentary perception?
Or is eccentric, bizarre, absurd delusion the only remedy?

* * * *
The given universe kaleidoscopes around the sensory body,
Consciousness ceaselessly fabricating every sort of this or that, or that or this,
But, in reality, the awareness merely witnesses a seamless stream,
A lightshow limited by the boundaries of imagination.