09 June 2014

One Hundred and Seventy-Six


What is so arduous about realizing the truth
That the awareness within all, the witness within all,
Is entirely detached, objectively indifferent, benignly disengaged,
To the countless dreams of consciousness in all its pursuits, in all its passions.
Awareness is the quantum spirit of totality, call it god if you will,
Consciousness but the splintering of dualistic notion.
You are it, it is you, there is no other.

* * * *
The mortal mind is transfixed
By the ceaseless permutations of limitation.
As for that which is immortal, well, find even one boundary, if you can.
After all, the indivisible is indivisible much farther
Than any eye will ever see.

* * * *
If you want world peace, still that busy mind,
And in awareness take in a few deep breaths.

* * * *
What else do you possibly need
Once simple awareness
Is nectar enough?

* * * *
What is infinite?
What is infinitesimal?
And what is not?

* * * *
Persuasion is not a key to truth.
It is either clearly seen, or not.
No point in creating a belief system
Established upon conversion or coercion.

* * * *
And you believe because it is not a human being
That even some dogmatic god would value it less?
How pathetically narrow and confined a view is that?

* * * *
Consciousness can be far more savage than any beast has ever been.
Tyrannosaurus Rex might well be pissing on its tail at the sight of us.